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When it comes to commercial real estate law you want the best of the best and Seif Law is proud to provide some of the best commercial real estate lawyers, and property lawyers in the Toronto area. As one of the top real estate law firms in all of Toronto, we maintain professional relationships with our clients and provide qualified and experienced commercial real estate attorneys. We are also pleased to offer services such as: notary services, wills, family law, title insurance and the Power of Attorney for property and various financial matters.

What Does a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Do?

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Commercial real estate lawyers are responsible for the documentation and the extensive review of commercial real estate transactions. This will include any commercial purchases, leases, inspections and even the appraisals. When things go wrong in real estate transactions as they sometimes do, commercial, real estate lawyers will be there to file and defend lawsuits in court.

Simply put, a commercial real estate lawyer is responsible for:

  • Documentation.
  • Review.
  • Legal Matters.
  • Foreclosure Agreements.
  • Negotiations.
  • Communication with The Client.
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A commercial real estate lawyer has a few key roles and one of those is that of document drafter. They are responsible for the preparation of documents such as deeds, leases and rental agreements, purchasing contracts and financing agreements.
Within this documentation process, a commercial real estate lawyer may also act as a negotiator for a client, to get you the best price.

The reviewing of the documents both written by and sent to a commercial real estate lawyer is very important. The attorney is responsible for ensuring that everything is in order, signed and to the client’s desires.

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A commercial real estate lawyer may also dabble in the handlings of foreclosure proceedings. The foreclosure process involves creating a solid legal argument, filing the proper documents with the court, and following rules of evidence. A commercial real estate lawyer can help you formulate your arguments for a winning case, navigate the complicated legal rules of the court, and submit the appropriate documentation.

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