Toronto Litigation Lawyers

The world is a complicated place and you must have adequate legal protection should important issues arise. Getting to a quick resolution can be a tedious and complex process if you want to ensure the security of your family and wealth, so it’s always best to rely on the support of an expert litigation lawyer. Seif Law Firm has a top team of litigators standing by, ready to take on your case today.

Real Estate Litigation

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It’s important to have a real estate litigation lawyer on your side due to the complexity of real estate transactions and the multitude of issues inherent to them. The Seif Law Team offers comprehensive service for all of our clients who are buying a home or selling a home. We can even help you pursue compensation should you discover defects in your home which were hidden by the seller. Our clients also come to us for help challenging wills, resolving disputes over powers of attorney, or challenging executor negligence.

Civil and Personal Litigation

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At Seif Law, we don’t just see you as a case, we look at you as a person who needs our help right now. We offer our clients legal expertise for employment disputes such as wrongful dismissal as well as slip-and-fall along with all personal injury cases.

Business and Commercial Litigation

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The Seif Law Team takes pride in its reputation as one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted law firms specializing in litigation. Whether it’s business or commercial dealings, our litigators will work tirelessly to protect all of your interests. Seif Law Firm offers extensive court experience at all levels. Your desired result is what drives our team to work together and exhaust all possible resources to win your case.

Cross Border Litigation

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Canada is one of the biggest players on the world stage when it comes to international trade and that’s why more and more business owners need a legal expert. Seif Law’s litigation professionals can help you understand, manage and effectively win legal disputes triggered by cross-border transactions. Our legal team has extensive experience navigating these complex cases and we are ready to tackle all international legal challenges.

Seif Law Firm is an experienced team of Toronto-based litigators, providing industry-leading service and expertise to clients across the GTA. Regardless of the type of legal advice you require, it’s important to ensure that you’re protected from undue harm and capable of negotiating a resolution in your best interest. If you require litigation support for any of life’s challenges, contact our team today!