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Seif Law Firm is an established and trusted legal practice in the Greater Toronto Area community that provides an excellent personalized experience. Our primary focus is on real-estate law, intending to make the buying and selling of properties easy and more accessible to clients.

As one of the top real estate law firms in Toronto, we take great pride in building personal relationships with our clients. We are also pleased to offer notary services, wills, family law, and Power of Attorney for property and financial matters.

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Real Estate Law Firm in Downtown Toronto

Need for an experienced law firm to handle your Toronto condo transaction? Seif Law Firm has got you covered!

Our team of excellent lawyers will facilitate and take care of your real estate transactions so you can buy and sell with confidence. You can also use our Toronto land trasfer tax and closing cost calculator to get your costs estimate or simply contact our law office in Toronto.

Our Real Estate Transaction Services

  • Buying or Selling of Residential Property
  • Buying or Selling of Commercial Property
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Buying or Selling of the Assets of a Business
  • Transfer of Title to Your Spouse or Loved Ones
  • Completing Private Mortgage Transactions
  • Reviewing and Revising Residential Leases
  • Reviewing and Revising Commercial Leases
  • Providing Independent Legal Advice (ILA) on Bank/Mortgage Documents, Separation Agreements, and Other Legal Documents
  • Registering Survivorship Applications, Court Orders, Applications (General), and Other Instruments on Title

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Notary Public in Toronto

Seif Law Real Estate Lawyers

Ontario Notary Public Service

Aside from the buying and selling of real estate, we also offer Notary Public service. As a law firm in Toronto, we understand the headaches that come with legal transactions, including will and estates in Toronto. Being one of the cheapest notary public in Toronto, we are here to simplify the process for you. Our Notary Public services include a lifetime appointment, and their commission never expires.

Wills and Estates Lawyer Richmond Hill

Notarizing Signatures on Legal Documents

Many legal documents such as an affidavit, statutory declaration, or government form require an authenticated signature before a Notary Public. In this scenario, you will sign the legal document in front of one of our lawyers, and they will then validate it.

Seif Law Firm Richmond Hill

Certifying True Documents of Original Documents

This scenario involves certifying copies of original documents as valid copies. This practice is common for forms of identification, transcripts, degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Our lawyers will authenticate that the photocopy is indeed an accurate representation of the original document, confirming that there is no alteration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can notarize a document in Ontario?

In Ontario, a Notary Public has the authority to notarize a document. The aforementioned includes verifying signatures and confirming that copies of official documents are genuine.

What are public notary fees in Ontario?

The notary fee depends on the number of pages in the document. You can contact us directly for more details on our pricing.

What makes a good real estate lawyer?

A good real estate lawyer goes beyond someone who is solely knowledgable in their field. The ideal lawyer will build a personal relationship with you and go the extra mile to ensure all your needs are satisfied. Our team of real estate lawyers are determined to provide you with the best results for all your needs including real estate transactions, Toronto condo transactions, buying and selling businesses and much more.

What is a construction lien?

A construction lien is a claim against a property by a professional who supplies the labour or materials for the project. The intent is to protect labour and material suppliers from not getting paid for their services. Our team includes construction lien lawyers who can help you with all your legal needs.

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