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The Importance of Having Your Lawyer Review Your Agreement of Purchase and Sale When Purchasing Real Estate

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Real estate transactions should never be taken lightly. There are a number of requirements that must be addressed in order to ensure that purchases and sales are completed correctly, and there is no better resource to rely on for that than a trusted real estate lawyer. Given the complexity of real estate deals, it can be quite easy for buyers and sellers alike to miss critical information, resulting in inferior deals that don’t offer the best terms to both parties. As an example, most purchasers who complete a transaction without expert support will fail to assess the following key items:

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  • HST Implications
  • Development Charges and Municipal Levies
  • Miscellaneous Builder Adjustments
  • Reserve Fund Contribution
  • Assignment Clauses
  • Interim Occupancy Fees
  • Land Transfer Tax
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The same applies for sellers, as there are a multitude of transactional nuances that a non-professional will not be expected to know, but will be expected to co-ordinate and verify on their own. In order to prevent these mistakes from occurring, and to ensure that the construction contract agreement or transactional documents are drafted in your favour, it’s advised that you seek support from a reliable real estate lawyer. Most lawyers will take a holistic approach to the deal, exploring all aspects relevant and ensuring that there are no oversights in the fine print. Relative the potential losses that can come from overlooking an important deal element, the expense of having a professional lawyer on your side is minimal.

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Seif Law Firm has been helping clients successfully complete real estate transactions for years. With detailed expertise in real estate law, our team is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure that your real estate buying or selling endeavours are completed successfully. We are focused on generating the best construction contract agreements possible for the clients we represent, and we take pride in providing industry leading service and support throughout the process. This includes access to multiple languages and unlimited meetings, ensuring that we’re there to help whenever and however we can.

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The Seif Law Firm team will take the time to work through all of your contracts in detail and assess the changes needed to ensure that you are signing what is in your best interest. Having worked through the drafting and finalization of countless real estate documents, you can feel confident in the expert support you’re receiving. All uncertainties will be brought into question, and we’ll be there to verify all transactional information and answer any questions you have along the way.

Seif Law Firm is an experienced team of real estate lawyers focused on providing industry leading service and expertise to clients across the GTA. If you’re in the process of completing a real estate transaction and are looking for expert support to ensure that it gets done correctly, contact our team today!