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The world of real estate is complicated, and it’s important that you have adequate legal support should issues arise. Simple dispute resolution can quickly become a very tedious process, and in order to ensure the security of your family and wealth, it’s best to rely on the support of an expert law team. From contract dispute, to fraud recovery, to property purchase or sale, the list of items you can depend on an estate litigation lawyer for is endless.

Estate Litigation Lawyers Toronto

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Estate litigation lawyers serve one key purpose: ensuring that you, your family, your business, and your wealth are protected should issues related to real estate arise. With complex transactions often involving multiple parties, including contractors, builders, tenants, vendors, and more, a professional property lawyer will guarantee that you’re always on solid footing and covered where needed.

Why Choose a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

It’s important to have a real estate litigation lawyer on your side due to the complexity of real estate transactions and the multitude of issues inherent to them. Below are a handful of the most common issues that you and your Toronto litigation lawyer may need to work through, the expert support being incredibly helpful through the process of each.

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1. Failure to Close a Sale

There are times in which an agreement of purchase or sale cannot be completed for a piece of real estate, the primary reason typically being that the buyer was unable to secure adequate financing. In these instances, the common route to completion is one that involves releasing deposits to the seller and forfeiting any buyer obligations moving forward. A real estate lawyer will work alongside you to ensure that the contractual agreement is followed and that there are no oversights in the process. Should legal action be needed to pursue either the buyer or seller, a real estate lawyer will have the ability to collect the required materials and begin the process.

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2. Hidden Defects Following Home Purchase

As unfortunate as it may be, there are instances in which a property may be purchased with defects that were not disclosed by the seller. It is the buyer’s right to inspect the property prior to purchase, however, these inspections may not always reveal large defects that aren’t immediately visible. If the seller is aware of latent defects, such as unsound construction, mold, or infestations, it’s their duty to disclose the information to the buyer, otherwise face future damages and remediation. A real estate lawyer will work with you to ensure that any and all defects are adequately addressed and handled correctly.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Toronto

3. Rent-to-Own Agreements

In Ontario, rent-to-own agreements are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. This newfound ability to pay an increased monthly rent rate, with the option of purchasing the property at a set price sometime in the future can seem incredibly appealing, however, legal issues may arise if there are disputes surrounding the exercising price of a property come purchasing time. In instances where the value of the property far exceeds the agreed upon exercise price, as typically happens in rapidly appreciating real estate markets, a real estate lawyer will ensure that all contract obligations are met and that both parties are fairly treated.

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4. Mold and Vermin Infestation

It is not uncommon for properties to have past or present problems with pest infestations, such as termites, rodents, and cockroaches, and mold. If the levels of infestation pose a threat to the rigidity of the property or the health of occupants, they must be disclosed at time of sale. If not, the buyer is entitled to pursue remediation. Having the support of an expert law team will make this process far easier, as they will be able to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

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5. Misrepresentation of Profitability

In instances where investors may have been misled on the potential profitability of a property, either stated by a property owner or developer, they may be entitled to damage recovery relevant to the harm incurred. Your real estate law team will be able to work towards obtaining oppression remedies as a relief measure for the issues at hand.

Seif Law Firm is an experienced team of Toronto real estate lawyers, providing industry leading service and expertise to clients across the GTA. Regardless of the type of real estate engagement you’re involved in, it’s important to ensure that you’re protected from undue harm and capable of adequately negotiating contracts. If you’re in need of expert estate litigation support for any of your real estate endeavours, contact our team today!